BONUS: Aviator Nation Drives Over $10 Million in Apparel Sales with their Tapcart App with Curtis Ulrich and Eric Netsch.

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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast: Tech Stack edition, where today I’m over the rainbow excited to talk with the Ecommerce Director of one of my favorite apparel brands, Aviator Nation.

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High quality garments, sun soaked in California nostalgia that help you feel like a rockstar every time you put on a hoodie.

Curtis Ulrich has been part Aviator Nation since he started slinging hoodies at their first retail outlet 7 years ago. Flash forward to today they have over 100 retail locations and he’s overseeing a $100M channel.

After a loungewear boom in the pandemic, Curtis has been focused on retaining as many customers for the long term. This is what let him to building an app and that’s where Eric Netsch comes in

CEO and founder of Tapcart, and a massive resource for what brands are doing well on apps (as well as a hoodie wearing member of the aviator nation).

In this colorful conversation you’ll hear all about

How apps bridge the gap between retail and ecommerce The exact set up aviator nation uses to drive 12% of ecommerce sales through their app How the cost per install economy works for shopping apps The power of the push notification (and why Curtis prefers push to SMS) How Aviator Nation retains its startup feel as a 9 figure business

Get ready to tap that app, on with the show…

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