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🎧 On this episode of the DTC pod, we chatted with Ash Melwani, co-founder of Obvi.

Obvi makes supplements cool for younger generations, stops your scroll on Instagram, catches your eye in the grocery store, and creates products that taste like your favorite cereal on Saturday mornings. 😎

Tune in to learn about the value of Facebook groups, how to gamify your cart experience to increase AOV, why (and how) they’re testing 40 new ad creatives every week, and much more.

‍The Takeaways 👇

🎮 Community cheat code:

Obvi’s Facebook Group has over 50,000 members (and growing), and it’s one of their major focuses as a brand.

“I think one of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is creating a community, which not a lot of brands are taking seriously, and I really do think they need to… The community is a cheat code.

Ash’s tips for creating a community or your own FB group:

  • Wait until you have 1,000-2,000 customers
  • Run a giveaway inside the group to drive signups
  • Hire a group manager to create content, engage, and drive discussions
  • Use the group to share value, but also gather feedback about products, flavors, etc.
  • Include group links in your post-purchase flows; consider retargeting ads to increase group size

🛍️ Swag > discounts

Here’s a universal truth: people ❤️ swag.

Obvi knows this, and that’s why they’ve created a gamified cart with free gifts as upsell incentives.

For example, they’ll offer tiered swag to give shoppers an incentive to make a larger purchase:

  • Free shipping over $25
  • Free funnel over $50
  • Free shaker over $75
  • Free product over $150

“Our flagship product is $40, but our AOV is $70…people are buying multiple things, so it’s definitely working.”

💰 What Ash would do with an extra $50K:

TikTok influencer seeding and creative for ads. 🤳

“I think there are so many creators on there doing a great job…[they’re] so good at creating TikToks, sometimes you don’t even realize it’s an ad…”

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