3X to 10X ROAS and managing your customer lifecycle with Suit Shop's Kristen Jones

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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck

Today’s talk with Suit Shop’s director of marketing Kristen Jones about the life of a one-person marketing team at a fast-growing DTC brand.

SuitShop, recently rebranded from the Groomsman Suit, is the solution for black tie attire: a sharp-looking, fully fitted tuxedo that can be purchased for less than the cost of a traditional rental.”

Kristen has a long history of SaaS and DTC marketing, and has a true passion for the space as both a marketer and consumer, and is filled with interesting insights into

On today’s cast we cover:

▪︎ The costs and benefits of the Suit Shop Rebrand

▪︎ How Kristen took ROAS from 3x to 10X in just a few months

▪︎ How a TikTok video Kristen filmed in a few minutes went viral and why

▪︎ How the Suitshop drives 50% of their traffic through non-paid means.

▪︎ Why tradeshows are smart places for leads in the wedding industry

▪︎ Why the customer lifecycle journey of the wedding space is a finely tuned dance, and how Kristen learned all the steps.

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