🎧 This week’s pod episode features Kristen Jones, Director of Marketing at SuitShop (recently rebranded from The Groomsman Suit).

SuitShop is shaking up formal wear, providing quality suit-lutions for both men and women at a fraction of the price. 🤵

So change out of those sweatpants, throw on your best tie, and get ready for this Masterclass on customer lifecycle marketing!

‍The Takeaways: 👇

❓ Why a rebrand?: 

After a few years, it became clear to the founders that “The Groomsman Suit” wasn’t representative of their wide range of customers – so the founders decided to rebrand to SuitShop.

“It’s been a great opportunity to represent everyone we suit… We really do cater to anybody and everybody.”

However, it was a little bit nerve-wracking to potentially lose the SEO tied to their previous name. 😬

Kristen’s advice to companies doing a rebrand? Make sure you work with an SEO agency or have someone on your team to help navigate through the changes.

“We saw a small dip [in traffic] for six weeks, but we’ve come back better than ever.”

💥 How a TikTok vid boosted traffic by 20%:

A video Kristen filmed on her iPhone in just a few minutes ended up going viral, and completely exploded SuitShop’s site traffic.

“I had no expectations of it, I was just kinda having fun… and [the video] got 60K views overnight.”

But don’t be fooled. There was certainly strategy involved… 

The vid was posted in December, the biggest month of the year for proposals – which helped the video gain traction among newly engaged couples. 💍

“If you’re in the wedding industry and you’re able to catch someone in those first moments of excitement, they’re probably gonna stick with you.”

🎨 Kristen’s marketing advice for Q4:

Q4 is the biggest quarter for brands when it comes to new customer acquisition and revenue.

But while we’re crushing our holiday campaigns… Kristen reminds us to stay one step ahead.

“It’s all about retention… [after Q4] what do you have in place to keep [new leads] as a customer and build their lifetime value?”

“Make sure you have everything in place to know where they came from and what got them to convert, and follow up accordingly.”

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