📦 - Meta Reports Conditional Formatting Hack

Level Up Your Meta Report With Conditional Formatting 

Finding it difficult to analyze all of the data in your Meta custom reports? 

Try this conditional formatting hack! 

This easy hack will transform your Meta reports into this: 👇

Easy to understand and analyze in all its color coded glory. 🤩

Let’s turn your standard reports into easy-to-read visuals with conditional formatting: 

1. Open any existing custom report or create a new one. If you’re new to Meta custom reporting, check out how to make Meta custom reports here

2. Navigate to the column header for the metric you’d like to add conditional formatting to, click the dropdown arrow on the right, and then click “Format.”

3. A Conditional Formatting menu will open on the right side of the screen. You can choose from single colors or apply a color scale similar to the screenshot above. 

4. To add a color scale, choose “Color Scale” and customize the colors using the “Preview” dropdown. 

5. Remember to double check that the minimum and maximum values are reflecting the right color. 

💡For example, you might want the min value for CPA to be green and the max value to be red, while you’d want the inverse colors to show for ROAS. The toggle on the right of the color scale allows you to inverse the min and max value colors quickly. 

Give this a try in your Meta ad account and turn your custom reports into a stunning visual!