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About C-Suite Mastermind: Las Vegas

Missed C-Suite Las Vegas? Soothe your FOMO, relive the magic, and capture the insane knowledge dropped during the event with the C-Suite Las Vegas Replays.

All content from the event was professionally captured and edited and can be yours for a fraction of the attendance cost.

The replays are filled with hundreds of actionable, tactical learnings. So while you may have missed the All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, Topgolf with a hundred elite DTC peers, and getting hot on the craps table, you can own the great value of our content.

Implement a single learning from this replay and watch your returns soar.

Speakers + Topics

P/L Management With Nick Saltarelli

Nick is building the Nike of food with his 8-figure chocolate empire. He is dominating the DTC space and has reinvented the way chocolate is sold in retail. In this workshop, Nick deeps-dives into data and why it's so important in your business success. Learn exactly how Nick looks at his Profit and Loss statements and how you can copy and paste his exact strategy.

Mini Katana on Scaling Organic Content

Learn the exact formula Isaac has used to create content that’s grown Mini Katana into an 8-figure, 2-million YouTube subscriber empire. Learn his viral video hacks and his complete strategy for hiring creators (and lots more).

Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream on Meta Ads and Funnels

Jason has sold over 6 million books to over 1 million Shopify customers—massively disrupting the publishing industry with a combination of tried and true performance marketing tactics. In his workshop, Jason walks us through these EXACT tactics along with his evolving technological approach to Meta Ads funnels that lead to his success.

Tapcart App Panel with True Classic and Obvi

In a panel that represents the most revenue on stage at C-Suite, Tapcart’s JJ Workman, a seasoned veteran of hyper-growth marketing, leads a wide-ranging and completely frank discussion about how to achieve massive app success with 100M True Classic President Ben Yahalom and heavy hitter Ronak Shah from 8-figure Obvi.

AI Workshop with Iman Bashir

Ready to have your mind blown by AI? In this exciting workshop, Iman lays out exactly how she’s using AI to launch her campaigns 10 times faster. She dives deep into how she has used the same technology to scale her $30,000 SEO budget down to just pennies. The best part of this presentation? She shows you how she exactly does it step-by-step, so you can start using AI to be more efficient in your business.

10 Email & Retention Hacks You Can Use Right Now

Karly has quite literally written the book on email marketing and has generated over 100 million in revenue for her clients. In this workshop, Karly delves into the top actionable things you need to start doing TODAY in your email marketing.

Obvi Fireside Chat on What NOT to Do

Learn the exact strategies that Ashvin & Ronak used to generate 44 million in revenue in just 42 months. In this workshop, these mentors share how they built the largest collagen community in the world with 65,000 members in their Facebook group. Ashvin & Ronak laid everything out as they drew back the curtains into their business and taught everyone what NOT to do as a DTC brand owner.

How to Add a 7-Figure Affiliate Program to Your Business

Trying to learn how to use affiliates as a thriving revenue channel in 2023? In this workshop, Sean McGinnis lays out over 25 years of experience in the space while teaching you how to NOT get screwed over by affiliates. Sean was the driving force behind Kuru Footwear’s success by generating 103% revenue growth from 2019 to 2021.

Fireside chat: Matthew Kobach, CMO of Northbeam, with David Sanghera, CEO of Culture Group

The days of ‘grow at all costs’ are over. Now, brands that want success need to grow profitably. This means being smarter with your ad budget—and to do that you need accurate data, and need to know how to interpret the data so you can quickly scale up or down campaigns based on early signals from reliable data sources. This fireside chat covers all of this and so much more (including a tip that caused one attendee to remark, “This one thing will make us $1M more in sales this year!”)

The Future of CRO is Headless (Finally Understand Headless!)

Brett Turner is a media buyer turned CRO wizard. He grew a performance lead generation business to 8 figures while managing $10,000 a day in ad spend between Facebook and TikTok. In this workshop, Brett discusses CRO and gives you his exact hit list of what you should look out for and change on your landing pages, while cluing the attendees on why we believe the future of commerce is HEADLESS.

Four x RAW and REAL Hot Seat Panels Feature C-Suite Guests

Feeling brave? Jump into our four hot seat panels where founders and executives get vulnerable and lay their biggest issues out for our guest panelists and attendees to help with. This format has always been a hit, but in Las Vegas, we had some of the most dynamic and helpful hot seat sessions we’ve ever been a part of. Learn from their mistakes and amplify their triumphs—and don’t miss your opportunity to join us on stage next time for this amazing growth and learning opportunity.


Mark Dito & Janeece Lambert

Infinite Angles & Creatives

Samantha Kozuch


Danielle Gronich & Kayleigh Christina

Clearstem Skincare

Selene Dior

Vitae Apparel

Yuki Kinoshita & Noah Silverman


Sarah Raslin


Jai Dolwani

The Starters

Jason Bettis & John Ruggerio

Manly Bands

Rob Fraser



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