🎧 This week on the pod, we chatted with Fiona Co Chan, Founder and CEO of Youthforia.

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in your makeup (guilty ✋), Youthforia is for you. They create makeup that acts like skincare, using high-quality skin-friendly ingredients with luxury textures, packaged together with a hint of nostalgia and fun.

In this episode, we learned how Fiona built her business from scratch during the pandemic and tested all her products by sleeping in them overnight (and might have made her husband help, too).

‍The Takeaways: 👇

🔥 Going viral on TikTok: a method to the madness

Around 90% of Youthforia’s traffic and revenue is from organic content—mostly TikTok videos.

Fiona still makes almost every video herself, and after “going viral” several times on the channel, believes she’s found a method to the madness:

  • TikTok rewards consistency. Even if not every video is perfect, posting consistently will drive more views for your better-performing content.
  • Good lighting. Fiona believes lighting is everything, so much so that she blocks out her calendar during “Golden Hour” to make her videos.
  • Optimize for the algo. Create content that will maximize watch time, views, commenting, and sharing.
  • Use trending sounds. Sometimes they’re weird, other times they crush.

🤔 Can TikTok ads affect organic performance?

When Youthforia started running ads on TikTok, they noticed a significant downfall in organic performance.

“Our weekly organic views dropped to 25% of what they normally were.” 

Since then, they stopped running ads, and their views have climbed back up to baseline.

Any other brands out there experiencing this on TikTok?

💰 What Fiona would do with $50K

“I would allocate some of it to Facebook ads, just to keep that on… But I would do something experimental… I would maybe put it on Amazon [experimenting with ads].”

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