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Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today we're reconnecting with Mid-Day Squares and their co-founders Jake Karls and Nick Saltarelli.

These two are like live wires and the chemistry was great. I can't wait to throw down with them in Las Vegas in just a few weeks!

There are a handful of tickets still available, but they won't last long, so go to to lock in your spot.

This C-Suite Mentor preview podcast focuses on the most challenging aspects of Mid-Day's meteoric rise to 8 figure success, from the challenges of scaling manufacturing of complex products to Nick's guidelines for raising funds, and Jake's unique role as a rainmaker as well as his personal struggle with nagging back injury that reminds us all how precious our health is...

This podcast made me realize that I too am a rainmaker, so it makes sense that I'm bringing 100 DTC founders to the desert, march 23-24...are you ready for the storm?

Mid-Day, all day, let's go!

Hope you enjoy

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