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This is a big one…a big moment for DTC Podcast. Today we’re tempting fate with Hamid Saify - SVP of Digital Retail at Liquid Death Mountain Water, one of the FASTEST growing CPG brands in history!

Hamid is one of the first-ever team members, along for the whole ride, starting in 2017 to today, where Liquid death is in 70,000 doors and last year earned a valuation of $700M!

Selling….water? It’s crazy, but that’s what Liquid death understands better than anyone. They may sell water (still, carbonated, and now tea), but their real asset is customers' attention…This podcast goes deep with Hamid on Liquid Death’s mindset about doing things differently and using every customer touchpoint as a moment to make them laugh in the face of death.

From calling their review section “opinions from internet randos,” to charging your soul to join the mailing list to their significant revenue merch program where they’ve sold customized vending machines and wrapped Lamborghinis.

Hamid gets to the bottom of what it’s like to work at an organization that’s achieved unbelievable velocity and massive cultural saturation…slinging water in cans.

The dream is alive. Let’s dive into death…on with the show!

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