🎧 On the pod this week, we brushed up with Josh Elizetxe, DTC icon and CEO of SNOW Oral Care.

SNOW delivers professional-level results at home with award-winning, best-in-class oral cosmetic products, including teeth whitening strips and systems. 

Just like your pearly whites after using SNOW’s products. 😀 This episode shines with brilliant insights on everything from holiday strategies, novel customer acquisition methods, and thriving after iOS 14.

(Plus, you’ll get a priceless, detailed breakdown of EVERYTHING Josh would do differently if he were to recreate SNOW today. 🤯)

The Takeaways: 👇

🎁 AOV, Gifting, and Bundles for the Holidays:

Since subscriptions are technically difficult to “gift,” SNOW is strategically changing tactics for the holidays.

Instead of pushing subs, they’ll be:

  • Focusing on messaging around gifting.
  • Running giveaways and doorbusters to increase excitement and engagement.
  • Foregoing sitewide discounts, and targeting higher AOV with bundles and upsells.

If you’re a subscription-focused brand, consider switching tactics this holiday season to focus on AOV and gift-friendly options! 🎀

The Magic of Try Before You Buy:

SNOW has seen huge success with running a “try before you buy” lead acquisition campaign using their most popular product, their whitening wand.

“It’s our best product. Why don’t we give it out for free? If it’s that good, they’ll come back for it.”

And they clearly do. Of these customers, a whopping 70–80% return to make a purchase! 🚀

📱 How to Thrive in a Post-iOS 14.5 World:

“[The iOS update] affected us… But it also forced us to think about other things. 

“It forced us to say, ‘wait a second, how do we pivot in terms of our strategy and not build on rented land where the landlord’s going to abuse us…’”

“In a post-iOS 14.5 world, the truth is you have to fill more holes in the bucket… you can’t just get away with turning the faucet on full blast.

A few ways that SNOW is fixing their personal “bucket holes” to become less reliant on Facebook include:

  • Focusing more on LTV.
  • Building out their CRM department.
  • Putting an emphasis on data analytics.
  • Paying more for highly skilled team members.

And a few more words of advice? 🤔

“It’s survival of the fittest. The prices went up. You either need to figure out a cheaper platform… Or, if you’re gonna compete on the Facebook marketplace, you need to increase AOV, do more upsells, offer subscriptions, increase your product selection… You need to sell more because the price for that click went up.”

Well 👏 said. 👏

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