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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we're joined by Sam Tichnor, founder of FFUPS, (yes that's puffs backwards) a snack brand that’s shaking up the puff market with innovative flavors and a focus on simplicity. In this episode, Sam shares his journey from working at Harry's to creating FFUPS, his insights on the snack industry, and the strategic shifts that have defined his brand's growth.

Key Insights:

Customer Engagement through DTC: Learn how Sam uses DTC as a strategic tool for market testing and customer engagement.

Retail Expansion: Discover the challenges and strategies behind transitioning from DTC to retail.

Flavor Over Health Claims: Understand how FFUPS differentiates itself by focusing on interesting flavors and simplicity rather than competing in the "better for you" space.

Tune in to hear how FFUPS is redefining what it means to be a puff snack and the lessons Sam has learned along the way.


00:00 - Introduction and Initial Strategy

02:00 - Adjusting Go-to-Market Strategy

05:00 - Building FFUPs: Inspiration and Market Gaps

07:00 - Flavor Innovation and Consumer Preferences

10:00 - Challenges and Insights from Amazon Sales

12:00 - Future Plans and Marketing Strategies

15:00 - Importance of Sampling and Retail Presence

18:00 - Using DTC for Customer Engagement

21:00 - Content Creation and Social Media Strategies

24:00 - Closing Thoughts and Final Insights


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