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Michael Fisher, founder of Rotten, discusses his journey of creating a better-for-you candy brand that still tastes delicious. He shares his inspiration for starting Rotten, the challenges of getting the product to market, and the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Fisher also talks about the reformulation of the product and the focus on texture and sourness. He discusses the go-to-market strategy, including a new content series called Grubs, Gizzards, and Goo, and a free trial program. Fisher envisions Rotten being available everywhere in the US and paving the way for better-for-you products that are still cool.


Rotten was created to provide a better-for-you candy option that still tastes delicious.

The brand focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations, particularly in terms of taste and branding.

The reformulation of the product was driven by customer feedback and the desire to create a more classic gummy texture and increased sourness.

The go-to-market strategy includes a new content series called Grubs, Gizzards, and Goo, and a free trial program to attract and engage customers.

Rotten aims to be available everywhere in the US and to redefine the perception of better-for-you products as cool and appealing.


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00:00 - Introduction and Michael Fisher's Vision for Rotten

02:00 - Understanding the Market Need for Better-For-You Candy

04:30 - Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges and Product Development

07:00 - The Impact of Allulose and Other Ingredients

10:00 - The Decision to Reformulate and Improve Texture and Sourness

12:30 - Go-To-Market Strategy and Creative Content Series

15:00 - Retail Partnerships and Expansion Plans

17:00 - Engaging Customers with Unique Marketing Initiatives

19:30 - The Importance of Authenticity in Branding

22:00 - Launching on Amazon and Omni-Channel Strategies

25:00 - Long-Term Goals and Vision for Rotten


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