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Hello and Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today we're talkin' water with Santevia's Matthew Gohl

Santevia is a revolutionary water filtration system that puts back some of the essential nutrients that market learding brands like Brita and Zero Water Filter Out.

We met the Santevia team at our event in Las Vegas, where they took the stage and braved a Hot Seat Session with our speakers and audience. The advice we gave on that day has come to inform their new approach and is paying major dividends as Santevia continues to grow aggressively on Amazon and through their retail presence.

Uncover the Marketing Strategies That Propelled Santieva's Water System to Success:

Mastering Amazon Marketplace: Dive into Santieva's approach to dominating Amazon sales, including optimizing product listings and leveraging user reviews for increased visibility.

Social Media Synergy: Explore how Santieva's integrated social media strategy, particularly on platforms like TikTok, augmented their Amazon success by driving brand recognition and trust.

Analytics-Driven Campaigns: Unpack the role of detailed data analysis in Santieva's marketing decisions, from targeting the right customer segments to refining their advertising tactics for maximum ROI.

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