Ep 325: Rehab Your Email List with Content | AKNF

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In this All Killer No Filler podcast, Will, Pilothouse's Retention Team manager, shares valuable insights on the state of email marketing, and how popular to contrary belief, you can't just hammer your email list with endless offers and promo without seeing diminishing returns on opens, engagement, and sales.

Will advises a general content strategy to mix into your email marketing calendar that aims to engage, delight, entertain, and educate. We walk through a few examples of the kinds of content you can make as well as when these emails work best in a customer's lifecycle.


00:00 Introduction

02:35 Understanding your audience and positioning

07:50 Crafting engaging content for conversions

13:50 Utilizing ChatGPT for content automation

19:30 Captivating audiences with actionable tips


#EmailMarketing #EngagingContent #ContentAutomation #AudienceConnection #EmailTips

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