🎧 Today on the DTC pod, gear up for a deep dive with DTC C-Suite Mastermind alum, now former CMO of Greater Than, and marketing maestro Bryan Alston! 

From steering Greater Than’s electrolyte drink to an 8-figure wonder (surprisingly among new moms!) with athlete-oriented packaging to helming a stealth startup, Bryan’s been making waves! 

We’re unpacking the rebrand magic with a special eye-opener: how AI lowered creative costs by 40%! 🔥

We’ll crack the code on using data analysis for some Sherlock-style revelations and hear Bryan’s fresh take on the iOS 14.5 update. You’re in for an episode brimming with insights, served with a dash of zest.

‍The takeaways 👇

🎨 Rebrand Renaissance

When Greater Than decided to revamp its look, it was like restoring a Renaissance painting. 🖼️ Bryan shared that the key to success here was ensuring a smooth transition of creative assets from past to present. 

The revamp of Greater Than’s old design assets needed to be seamless to avoid confusing their consumers in the transition process. It took some incredible artistic finesse to bring the older top-of-funnel ads in line with Greater Than’s new vision but they’ve done it.

We’ve got the scoop on the tactics you can use greet your audience with a harmonious gallery of content throughout your funnel and across all channels. 

🤖 AI-ssistance

Using AI tools is crucial in cutting down creative costs! 

Imagine tapping into Canva as a pocket-sized designer. 👀

The platform can help with quick background removals and hue adjustments in no more than a few minutes. As Bryan would put it, embrace AI in your creative process for a seamless and accelerated rebrand.

🤝 Customer hugs for profit

Customer loyalty is like the fine wine that gets better with every sip of customer retention strategy. It’s the perfect pairing for a gallery of revamped images!

So, what’s the secret ingredient? 👀

Personalized touches! 

During Greater Than’s rebranding voyage, they were locked into making each customer feel like a VIP. This means reaching out individually and holding focus groups. 💡

Imagine the warm fuzzies customers get when a brand whispers in their ears about how integral they are to its journey. 🥰

🎨 Accepting public submissions

Add verified UGC to your gallery, and you’ve got yourself a fine art exhibit. 😃

And as the world is knee-deep in AI-generated content, people crave authenticity. Keep your gallery genuine, raw, and full of love. 💗 People will notice the extra effort you've made to speak with authenticity.

On the pod, Bryan shares how brands that snuggle up with authentic UGC are sailing the high seas of customer loyalty and driving that bottom-line profit home. 

👉 Listen to the full episode with Bryan Alston here!

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