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Join Brett, Innovation Lead at Pilothouse on an in depth exploration of CRO best practices in 2023, Brett's suggestion for a post click tech stack that maximizes flexibility, page speed, and data capture.

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00:02:20 - The core principle of CRO: Delivering what users are looking for

00:05:00 - Advantages of landing pages in optimizing conversions

00:09:30 - Key elements to optimize on landing pages: skimmable content, font weights, and colors

00:17:00 - Displaying social proof through custom widgets, embedded reviews, and GIFs

00:21:40 - The significance of above-the-fold content on PDPs

00:26:30 - Streamlining navigation menus for easy interaction

#CROoptimization #LandingPages #DigitalMarketing #UserExperience #ConversionRateOptimization

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