Ep 293: Biggest Opportunities and Oopsies for Smaller Brands on Meta Ads (AKNF)

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It's All Killer No Filler, and today we're chatting with Cam and Jacob from Pilothouse's Pilot Program for early-stage brands. Jacob breaks down the key opportunities and oopsies he sees brands take advantage of and make when trying to get traction and scale on Meta Ads, including:

-Appearing as a large brand using social proof

(Pages, Darkposting, As Seen on features, popups, events, etc)

-Running micro engagement campaigns optimizing to build up optics

(pushing non-sales focused posts from pages for $5-%10/day to PRS and RTG audiences)

-Using FB ads library to see what the “big guys” are and AREN’T doing

-Dial in on messaging of NEW vs Existing customers

(split out test campaigns and funnels)

-Ensuring you have polished studio shots, lifestyle shots, CGC, etc, at your disposal

(but not going too deep until you see what’s working)


-Bad Meta campaign setup

(leads to wasted budget)

-Cutting tests too early with limited budgets

-Not adding in enough contrast to tests

(for quicker insights and less wasted budget)

-Not using Page Testing tools (ie. Warpdrive and Hotjar)

(Needing additional Meta campaigns that spend more wasted budget).

-Relying solely on the ads over the product itself

(a good product does most of the talking)

-Being stuck on set goals while benchmarks are still being set

-Paying too much attention to the day-to-day and not the week-to-week, especially important on new and smaller brands.

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