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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast. I'm Eric Dyck. Today, we have two exceptional guests joining us, Louis Amoroso is CEO of  Full Glass Wine Co, a roll up firm behind the acquisitions of Wines Insiders and Winc, and Pat Balles Head of E-Commerce for NIFT networks, a a platform designed to help DTC brands acquire new customers through a pretty…nifty, gifting experience.

Cost controlled purchases? Delighted customers? Conversion rates as high as 10%? Massive Scale Across US and Canada?

Tell me more….

This episode is an eye opening exploration of the world of corporate gifting, and an invitation to brands to get in on the action using Louis’ scaled up experience at Full Glass Wine Co…

And before we get started, if you’re feeling gifty yourself, check out and enter the code DTCThanks to get your free gift just for being a listener…


0:00 - Introduction
1:20 - NIFT Networks Overview
6:15 - Ideal Brand Partnerships
11:45 - Expanding to Canada
19:45 - Exclusive NIFT Promo Code

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