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Welcome to DTC Podcast, today we're catching up with a content marketing mentor of mine, Aaron Orendorf, who I've followed closely since his days with Shopify Plus as well as Common Thread Collective, where he's steadily become the king of long-form b2b content that ads value to the ecosystem.

That's why I HAD to catch up with him on his switch to working on the ultimate SHORT form content -- with Recart as the efficient option for SMS at scale.

Upgrade your SMS with Aaron at Recart ➝

Aaron is a force of nature with a passion for communication who walks us through his path from literal evangelist to marketing evangelist.

You'll hear all about:

  • How SAAS is way more fun to sell than Agency services
  • Why missing the SMS valuation boom was a blessing for Recart and its clients
  • Aaron's formula for SMS best practices with a focus on efficiency

Hope you enjoy it!

Upgrade your SMS with Aaron at Recart ➝

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