AKNF - The Pilot Program: How Smaller Brands Get Traction at Pilothouse

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It's All Killer No Filler, I'm Eric, and today we're checking in with one of the most innovative teams at Pilothouse that we don't feature that often, and that's Jacob in the Pilot Program.

The Pilot Program is for advertisers who've got product market fit, but are torn between wearing many hats and doing everything themselves, and hiring an agency.

You'll hear all about some Pilot Program successes, Jacob's basic playbook for iterating to find traction on Meta, as well as the jack-of-all-trades style marketers that he's got on his team, and why that leads to more nimble iteration, which leads to success.

If the Pilot Program sounds like a fit, make sure to go to https://pilothouse.co and get in touch.

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