This week on All Killer No Filler we sat down with Saul Garcia, Head of Google Ads for Pilothouse

Saul explains how Pilothouse helped grow luxury watch client JBW to over $8M in revenue and a 8x ROAS. 💎

We discussed: 👇

🛍 Establish a Shopping Campaign:

Growth this big doesn’t happen overnight. It took Pilothouse and JBW a whole year to see the volumes they’re currently at. 

One of the first steps?

Establishing a shopping campaign.

Shopping campaigns work by matching people’s search terms with your products.

To avoid changing product names and descriptions, the Google Ads team created a manual feed in the merchant center that matched keywords without actually making any visual changes to the site!

🧐 Don’t Separate your Campaigns:

As tempting as it may seem to separate your campaigns to get a clearer view on your outcomes, dont!

You’ll get more information on your ideal customer when running your campaigns together.

No more branded/non-branded. Consolidate those campaigns!

🤑 YouTube Doesn't Have to be Expensive:

Although a later addition, YouTube has grown significantly in conversion value for the brand. 

JBW has seen great success using UGC and studio-generated content.

Just starting out?

Utilize your UGC. Ads shot on a cellphone can be an amazing value driver.

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