10 Proven Ways to Write Click Worthy Headlines

We all know that headline writing is important…

But that doesn’t make writing them any easier (and that’s coming from people who write hundreds of headlines a week 🥴).

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you write a blog post, sales page, Meta ad, or even subject line!

There are proven formulas you can use to write better headlines, faster – and we’ve compiled 10 of them for you below* with examples.

(*Somewhat repurposed from some of the top marketing minds in ecommerce like Chase Dimond, Copyblogger, and CXL – so ya know they’re good!)

👉 But First, We Must Choose Our Muse…

For example, let’s pretend we’re writing headlines for a laser pointer… but not just any laser pointer – a wearable, collar-mounted laser made for cats! 😻

We’ll call it the “Laser Chaser.”

Watch in amazement as your cat becomes the Captain of their very own playtime ship! With the Laser Chaser, your kitty can chase, pounce, and stalk an elusive laser dot, providing endless hours of entertainment. Our innovative collar-mounted design means less work for you, and more exercise for them!

(OK so we thought we were being original with this product, but turns out, it already exists. You’re welcome.)

Here are 10 headline writing prompts you can bookmark for later, using our trusty Laser Chaser as the muse!



There’s obviously so much to love about the Laser Chaser… it keeps cats entertained for hours, gives them healthy exercise, is safer than being outdoors, and owners can sit back and relax.

However, the key to making a benefit-driven headline effective is to highlight something unique about your product. The headline should set you apart from the competition!

What would this look like for the Laser Chaser?...

  • “Get Hours of Entertainment for Your Feline with a Cat-Operated Laser Pointer!”
  • “Entertain Your Feline For Hours – Without Lifting a Finger.”
  • “Exercise for a Happy, Healthy Kitten. Peace of Mind for You. Under $30.”


Example Format: “Do You Struggle with [PROBLEM]? Here’s [SOLUTION].”

For the best copy, do market research to pinpoint your problem/solution.

Read reviews (good and bad), ask CS teams, and talk to customers to find out WHY they bought your product. 

What’s the problem they need to solve? What are their pain points? 

  • “Does Your Cat Get Bored and Scratch Up the Couch? This Gives Them the Exercise They Need While YOU Relax!”
  • “Afraid Your Indoor Cat Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise? Here’s a Solution That Will Keep Them Moving for Hours.”
  • “You’re Tired of the Laser Pointer, But It’s Your Cat’s Favorite Toy… Meet Your New Best Friend: The Laser Chaser!”


Example Format: “[COMPETITOR] vs. [YOUR PRODUCT]: Which Is Better?”

Shoppers often compare before making a purchase. Target customers at this stage in the funnel by comparing your product to a competitor (or competing idea)!

  • Laser Pointers vs. The Laser Chaser: Which One Is Better for Cats?
  • "Outshine the Rest: Why a Collar-Mounted Laser Pointer Beats Traditional Cat Toys"
  • “No Other Toy Keeps Your Cat Entertained This Long!”


Example Format: “The Secret to [BLANK].”

Pique your reader’s interest with a compelling question, intriguing statement, or interesting hook. What do they wonder about? What keeps them up at night? What “secret” can you expose?

  • “The Secret to Happy, Healthy Indoor Cats (That Costs Less than $30).”
  • “Is Your Cat Bored? Here are Five Signs of Boredom and What to Do About It.
  • “The Prey They’ll Never Catch…” 


Example Format: “How to [DESIRED OUTCOME].”

We all go online when we want to learn something, solve problems, or gather information. This is why “how to” headlines can be so irresistible.

Lean on market research again here: what information are your customers looking for that you can provide? What questions can you uniquely answer for them? If you understand the problems they want solved, you’ll be able to create dozens of “how to” headlines!

  • “How to Endlessly Entertain Your Kitten.”
  • “How to Satisfy Your Cat’s Primal Need to Hunt (While Keeping Them Safe Inside).”
  • “Your Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy Felines: Tips for Diet, Exercise, and More.”


Example Format: “The #1 [BLANK] Recommended by [BLANK].”

People trust other people more than brands, which is why having social proof in headlines can be so effective. Use testimonials or endorsements, real reviews, statistics, achievements, or statistics to build credibility.

  • “The #1 Cat Toy Recommended by Expensive Sofa Owners.”
  • “2500+ Feline Friends Can’t Be Wrong: The Highest-Rated Cat Toy on Amazon.”
  • “My Kitten No Longer Scratches My Couch! She’s Finally Getting the Exercise She Needs.”


Example Format: “How [PRODUCT] Helped [PERSON] Go From [BLANK TO BLANK]”

Stories are powerful, especially when they include a transformation. Use real testimonials to tell a customer success story that will hook and inspire readers.

  • “How The Laser Chaser Helped Bubbles Go From Depressed to Obsessed.”
  • “My Cat’s Weight Loss Transformation Story.”
  • “The Story of How I Saved My Furniture From My Kitten (& Spent Less Than $30).”


Example Format: “Warning: [CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT].”

The point here is to hook the reader by saying something unexpected – whether it’s controversial, outrageous, contrarian, or maybe just plain incorrect – and then expand on the idea further in your copy.

  • “Warning: If You’re Not Giving Your Cat Daily Exercise, You Can Throw Out That Expensive Couch…”
  • “Cats are NOT Lazy. Their Owners Are.”
  • “You Should NEVER Use a Laser Pointer to Play With Your Cat…”


Example Format: “Are You [BLANK]?

Fear is a powerful motivator; it drives us to take action, which is exactly what you want with a headline! (Just remain ethical – over-the-top fearmongering can cause customers to lose trust in your brand.)

  • “Are You Letting Your Cat Silently Suffer from Boredom?”
  • "Your Indoor Cat Isn’t Meeting Its Primal Needs – And There’s a Cost."
  • “Bored Cats = Destructive Cats…”


Okay, so there’s not really a “format” for funny… 

Humor-based headlines are more of an art than a science. Test out cheeky copy, play on words, jokes, and – our personal favorite, puns – to see what resonates with your audience. People will engage if you can make them laugh!

But most importantly, stay on brand. Funny doesn’t work for every product. If you have a more serious tone, a humorous headline might be confusing (or worse, even offensive!) to customers.

  • “Take Your Cat from Fat to Feliiiiiine.”
  • “Watch Out Strings… A New Cat Fave Is Here.”
  • “Laser-ious Fun For Your Feline.”

(Don’t judge us too harshly here. We’re marketers, not comedians. 😅)

By choosing the right headline writing formula and tailoring it to your product, you can improve your click-through rates and effectively communicate your message. Try these attention-grabbing headlines and let us know how they resonate with your target audience!