Using Custom Breakdowns in Meta Ads Reporting

Got a custom report made in Meta? ✅ We love to hear it. 

Here’s a deeper dive from the Pilothouse Meta team on how breakdowns work in Meta Ads reporting and why you might want to use custom breakdowns.

Did you know…the breakdown section of Meta Ads reporting comes with presets that can help you view data based on various attributes and guide next steps in an ad account?

Standard breakdowns are available for delivery, time and level, and can be applied to show metrics based on different segments.

Here’s an example of a platform breakdown for one of Pilothouse’s partners. 

Looking at the data, Instagram has made up 9% of ad spend for the last 14 days and is running at a ROAS that’s 57% higher than Facebook. 👀

A strong next step in this ad account would be launching an ad set that targets Instagram only to see if the team can scale spend on Instagram while generating more efficient results. 📈

In ads reporting, you can also create custom breakdowns to look at different segments of data. This can be done at the campaign, ad set, and ad level. 

How to create a custom breakdown in Meta Ads Reporting

To create a custom breakdown, head into Ads Reporting and click on “+Create” under Custom Breakdowns.

A menu will pop up where you can create your custom segments. For this example we’re looking at prospecting and retargeting based on ad set naming conventions.

You could also look at different ad copy variations or interests to view ad performance across the whole account. 

Once you have your segments created, click the blue next button on the bottom right, and create. 

You’ll end up with something similar to this once you’re done. From here you can look at the next steps in the account. 

For example, in this account, the team might want to try cost caps or bid caps in retargeting to increase efficiency further down the funnel since prospecting is more efficient.

Go check out custom breakdowns in Meta Ads Reporting and see what data you can find in your account!