⚔️ Mastering Your Media Mix in 2024: Keen Insights on Annual Marketing Planning

In the ever-evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer marketing, the challenge of optimizing ad spend looms large for small and medium-sized ecommerce business owners. Everyone wants to be omnichannel, but every channel you add brings new impacts and without a way to measure the entire ecosystem, you’re flying blind. 

Enter Keen, a decisioning platform that helps brand owners more strategically plan, predict, and optimize the impact of their marketing dollars. 

In a recent episode of the DTC Podcast, Greg Dolan, founder and CEO of Keen, discussed the pressing need for agile, dynamic planning in annual marketing strategies.

Agility over Repetition

Dolan emphasized the pitfalls of repeating past strategies without considering the rapidly changing market dynamics. 

The success of DTC brands, he noted, lies in their ability to be agile — to adapt quickly to the unfolding market trends.

Beyond ROAS: Understanding Marginal Returns

One of Keen's core principles is moving beyond the blunt instrument of ROAS (return on ad spend). 

Dolan highlighted the importance of understanding marginal returns, stating, "Just because the latest dollar had a strong return does not mean the next dollar will." This insight is crucial for brands that risk stagnation by pouring all their efforts into one or two channels.

Top of the Funnel: The Missing Link

A significant focus of Keen is on balancing the marketing mix between top-of-the-funnel brand building and bottom-of-the-funnel performance marketing. Dolan’s analysis revealed that a good balance between these can enhance the effectiveness of all marketing tactics.

In the performance marketing world, Meta Ads compresses the funnel, top and bottom, into one direct response machine, but true top of funnel like PR and TV can create halo effects that improve all other channels. 

With a decisioning system like Keen in place, brands can feel more comfortable testing true top of funnel efforts. 

Case in Point: Success Stories

Dolan shared success stories where brands realigned their marketing strategies using Keen’s tools, moving from an overemphasis on bottom-of-the-funnel tactics to a more balanced approach. 

The cosmetics brand actually reduced spend on bottom of funnel Meta Ads when they realized they were beyond the saturation point where their overspend was probably doing damage to the brand, shifting the budget to top of funnel activities that have increased their marketing efficiency overall, immensely. 

This shift not only improved profitability but also built a more sustainable brand presence.

Keen: Your Partner in Growth

For SMB eCommerce business owners, Keen offers a path to navigate the complexities of ad spending effectively. It’s not just about spending more; it’s about spending smart. With Keen’s insights, businesses can confidently invest in strategies that drive long-term growth and sustainability.

Keen’s approach is a game-changer in a market obsessed with immediate returns. It's about building a brand that lasts, creating marketing strategies that resonate across all channels, and ultimately, driving sustainable growth.


In a world where every ad dollar counts, Keen emerges as a beacon of strategic clarity. For SMB eCommerce business owners, partnering with Keen is not just a choice but a strategic imperative for success in the dynamic world of DTC marketing.

Visit Keen’s website for more insights and start your journey towards a smarter, more effective marketing strategy today.