How BYLT Basics Buys TV Ads for Profitability, Brand Building, and Incremental Growth

😏 You Have What It Takes to Make It On The Big Screen 

This week on the DTC Podcast, we’re talking screens. Not the small screen you keep in your pocket. Not the medium screen you spend your workday on. The OG big screen we know and love — TV.

We’re joined by BYLT Basics’ Growth Manager, Spencer Toomey, and Tatari’s Director of Client Development, Greg Kalin, to chat through how DTC brands like BYLT can drive incremental growth and profitability with TV ads.

If you’ve ever considered TV advertising, heck even if you’ve never considered TV advertising, tune in. You may just uncover your next winning vertical

On with the show: 👇

📺 So you’re thinking about TV…

When you advertise on Meta or Google or Amazon, you rely on platform data and performance signals to know when, where, and how strong you should be scaling. And that’s what’s scary about going true top of funnel. How do you measure impact? What does attribution look like? Is the money you’re putting in actually yielding your brand any results?

TV used to be a black box. Literally. 😂 But now, brands like BYLT Basics are partnering with Tatari to actually be able to measure, attribute, and scale on TV the same as they would on any other social platforms.

If you’re thinking, “how do I measure when people see a commercial on their TV then click on their phones?” then you’re underestimating the amount of data available. Tatari’s able to create strong device graphs to connect the dots and know who’s who. This means when BYLT wants to target a specific audience with specific messaging, they know exactly where to find them.

They use 30 million smart TV devices and 100% IP passback from every streaming publisher coupled with a pixel on your site which ingests over 100 million events everyday across all clients. AKA, if you’re worried TV isn’t data backed, you can stop worrying now. 

🎬 Getting started and measuring results

Tatari’s Greg Kalin suggests that brands looking to get started on TV advertising, whether it be linear or streaming, should look to allocate 10-20% of their marketing budgets across a six week span. 

In the first four weeks of the testing period, you’ll test channels like CNN, ESPN, Netflix, Hulu, and more. The goal is to see where your creatives are best resonating with your audiences. For brands like BYLT, this means scaling to a point where you’re becoming a household name on some of the biggest channels. 📈

Tatari provides next day data so you can optimize and spend your dollars wisely to maximize campaign results. 

Unlike single service social media marketplaces, you don’t need to have different platforms to run linear and streaming. In fact, Tatari suggests you don’t. To be able to effectively optimize your campaigns, having consolidated data without providers pushing for more spend on their single offered vertical is your path to incremental success.

Now this may shock you: you don’t need a massive production budget to see TV success. Although BYLT has scaled TV to the point where they’re running massive campaigns with figures like American Footballer Gronk, other brands are seeing success using the same UGC and socials assets already in their back pocket!

This is just a preview of the conversation between Tatari and BYLT. If you’re thinking about TV as a growth channel, make sure you listen to the full episode. It’s packed with nuggets of TV gold. 🥇

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