💔 Are You Losing Out On Subscribers (and Revenue) Because You’re Overcomplicating Things?

When you sign up to receive DTC, we ask you one question: What’s your biggest business problem right now?

Sometimes we get nuanced responses. Niche requests. But most of the time it boils down to this: more subscribers, more leads, more attention.

If this is your goal (who’s goal ISN’T this?!), we’ll let you in on a little secret: So many brands are making it way too hard for your customers or potential customers to join your inner circle.

Your multi-step, double opt-in flows are great, sure. But what’s their drop off rate? And how much could your drop off reduce if you made things easier? We’re guessing the answer to both is: a lot.

Postscript KNOWS the answer is a lot, and they’re helping brands grow their opt-in rates with Onsite Opt-In. Now, before you continue reading, we’ll tell you why we think you should: 👇

1️⃣ In the first two months of simplifying their opt-in, Jones Road Beauty saw:

  • +82% increase in conversion for mobile sign ups.
  • 3x revenue growth beyond initial forecasts.
  • +47% more SMS sign ups on desktop over double opt-in.

2️⃣ Within one week of using Onsite Opt-in, True Classic saw a +40% growth in their automation revenue.

No further convincing needed, your honor. Read on. 🧑‍⚖️

Removing the hurdles and barriers for your future subscribers is key. Jones Road and True Classic utilized Onsite Opt-In to make this possible.

Here’s how their new SMS sign up with Onsite Opt-In works:

  • Site visitors can put their phone number into the subscription box, most devices make this easy by leveraging autofill.
  • Instead of having to go to their text messages, a code pops up on the screen that can be auto-filled into the confirmation box.
  • Subscribers get added without ever leaving your site.

Let’s touch on the last point there: added to your list without ever leaving your site. Raise your hand if you start tasks, get lost somewhere in the middle, and never come back to finish them. 🙋 Your customers do this too.

You may be thinking, “Yeah maybe 1/1000 does this, it doesn’t really impact me that much…” But brands that are simplifying their subscription process are seeing up to 3x their current opt-in rates.

If you know your current opt-in rate and monthly site impressions (or have a pretty good guess), check out this calculator. It speaks for itself. Simplified opt-in for the win. 🏆

Making subscription as easy as possible—same screen, less clicks—keeps customers engaged through the sign up process and keeps them on your site. Will they do some shopping? Read your blog posts? Get more info on your brand? The likelihood increases.

The customer acquisition cost tension right now is HIGH. Pricing is volatile. Competition is steep. Things are getting harder. The more barriers you remove for your audience to be able to connect with you, the better.

You’re paying for your customers to land on your site, taking the extra step to make sure they make it on your list is worth it.

*This editorial piece was created in collaboration with Postscript.