This week on All Killer No Filler, we sat down with the TikTok teams from Pilothouse and Helmkin!

We discussed: 👇

🔥 Platform differences

TikTok is a whole different beast than the tried and tested Facebook.

Copy has always been king, but audio and trending sounds are the real winner on TikTok.

Looking to utilize copy from your Facebook creative testing?

Translate your headline testing to hard audio voice overs. 

If you already have the base creative, text-to-speech or voice effects are a great way to contrast test.

📈 Trending sounds

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: If you’re not utilizing trending sounds for your ads, you’re missing out.

TikTok is an app where popularity (generally) wins.

Viewers will watch an entire ad just because they like the sound. Make audio clips a main driver to the ad!

Speak to your audience and use a soft CTA to drive conversions.

🚀 Crushing TikTok

Looking for inspiration? If you’ve spent any time in a TikTok comment section, you’ve probably encountered Duolingo.

Their organic game is INCREDIBLY strong. Not necessarily by what they’re posting, but their use of comment moderation.

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