Podcast Advertising with Podcorn's Todd Gallet

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This week's Bonus DTC Podcast dives into the world of podcast advertising with Podcorn's Head of Partnerships Todd Gallet.

In the early days of podcast monetization, networks scrambled to sign the world's biggest podcast hosts, reaching millions of people per episode. Podcorn took the opposite approach and has instead aggregated hundreds of thousands of smaller niched-down podcasts, allowing advertisers to test at any scale, and scale to any height once you find content, offers, and podcasts that profit.

This podcasts covers:

▪ What everyone gets wrong about Podcast Advertising

▪ How to do performance marketing on podcasts?

▪ What's the attribution window for podcasts?

▪ Why you need to treat podcast hosts like influencers

▪ Why it's better to send product and give creative controls to hosts

▪ The most successful podcast campaigns of all time

If you're ready to get started on a Podcast advertising test, make sure to reach out to and tell them DTC sent ya.

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