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🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we’re jumping back in with Srdjan Popovic, CMO of Crossrope, to talk about the company’s post-pandemic eComm journey and some of the strategies they’ve adopted since to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Crossrope is a jump rope fitness company that believes everyone deserves a fun and accessible workout. Their mission is to inspire millions of people to experience a different way to get fit. 💪

‍The takeaways 👇


Starting in early 2020, DTC fitness companies saw one of the largest eComm booms in recent years. The demand for at-home workouts skyrocketed, and brands closed in on the market by learning how to mold their strategies to meet that demand.

Essentially, everyone had to *summoning our best Ross Geller voice* PIVOT!

However, with so many fitness brands eyeing the at-home consumer and the market becoming oversaturated with at-home fitness advertising, it was imperative to figure out which segment of these consumers to target and with what kind of messaging. These learnings are what Srdjan and his team have taken with them into 2022 and beyond.

“It still goes to show that you gotta meet people where they’re at.

⁉️ Quantity over quality

Srdjan referenced a study where a photographer split his students into two groups for a graded assignment. He told half of his students they would be graded on the quantity of the photos they were able to turn in of an object, while the other half would be graded on the quality of only one photo that they could turn in.

In the end, the group that produced more photos ended up producing better photos by a long shot. Why? Because by increasing the volume of photographs, the students were forced to channel their creativity into a variety of angles, styles, and shots vs. hyper-focusing on producing that one perfect photo. 📸

“This is a great analogy for what we do in the creator space. It’s no longer about trying to find that one perfect creative and crossing your fingers that that’s going to hold up your performance marketing campaign… Now it’s like, how do we get into the volume game? Let’s just test a lot of different angles and hooks and messages for those audience segments.”  

💰 What Srdjan would do with an extra $50K:

Srdjan has time and efficiency on the mind.

“A chunk of it I would put into the creator program. I would look to find any tools that would help speed up and streamline that process… The second half, I would go HAM on YouTube sponsored placements. Unlike Instagram, YouTube sponsored placements have so much drag. A good number of the sponsored videos we did in 2020 are still driving revenue every single week for us.”

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