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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast!

Today, we're thrilled to have Evan O'Gorman and Braydon Germain from Pilothouse, a leading digital marketing agency. In this episode, we dive deep into the innovative ways Pilothouse is leveraging AI to transform their workflow and ad creation processes.

Key Insights:

Custom GPTs for Efficiency: Evan and Braydon discuss how they've built custom GPTs to act as virtual assistants, managing tasks, referencing meeting notes, and streamlining project management.

Ad Strategy Enhancement: Learn how training GPTs with brand-specific data can revolutionize ad strategy, from copy creation to competitor analysis.

AI Tools in Practice: Discover how tools like Fireflies, Motion, and Photoshop’s generative AI are integrated into Pilothouse's daily operations to enhance productivity and creativity.

Why Listen?

Optimize Your Workflow: Practical insights on using AI to boost productivity and manage tasks more efficiently.

Innovate Your Ad Strategy: Learn how to train AI on your brand for better ad creation and strategic planning.

Stay Ahead with AI Tools: Get inspired by the latest AI tools and techniques transforming digital marketing.

Tune in to explore the future of digital marketing with AI and learn how to implement these cutting-edge strategies in your own business.


00:00 - Introduction: Exploring AI in Pilothouse's Workflow

04:00 - Enhancing Productivity with AI Tools

08:00 - Leveraging Custom GPTs for Workflow Efficiency

12:00 - Custom GPTs in Ad Creation and Strategy

16:00 - The Impact of AI in Various Fields and Future Prospects


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