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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we're diving into the world of Amazon ads with Rob and Clifford from Pilothouse. Known for conducting thorough audits and revealing hidden potential in ad campaigns, they bring valuable insights into optimizing Amazon advertising beyond the basics.

In this episode, we discuss:

Overcoming Automation Pitfalls: Learn why relying solely on automation can limit your campaign's success and how manual oversight can make a significant difference.

Advanced Segmentation Strategies: Discover how detailed segmentation of keywords and product variations can rapidly scale your campaigns.

Balancing ROAS Goals: Understand how to strategically balance high and low ROAS campaigns to maximize overall performance and capture new customers.

The key takeaway? Moving beyond branded search terms and employing a mix of targeted campaigns, coupled with intelligent automation and manual intervention, is essential for unlocking your Amazon ad potential.

Key Insights:

Automate incrementally with manual oversight for optimal performance.

Segment campaigns deeply to target high-volume keywords effectively.

Balance campaign ROAS to capture new customers and maintain efficiency.


00:00 - Introduction to Automated Campaigns

04:30 - Common Pitfalls in Amazon Ad Campaigns

09:00 - Effective Use of Automation in Amazon Ads

14:00 - Scaling Campaigns for Large Brands

18:30 - Case Study: Four Sigmatic’s Amazon Ad Strategy


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