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In this conversation, Eric and JoGo, Retention Director at discuss the issue of bot clicks in email campaigns and how to avoid them. They talk about Klaviyo's bot click exclusion feature and its limitations. They also discuss the concept of 'landmines' in email marketing and how to handle them. They provide tips on improving deliverability and engagement, such as removing bounced email addresses and focusing on adding value to emails. They also mention the importance of monitoring inbox placement using tools like Glock apps. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and strategies for optimizing email campaigns.

Topics include:

email marketing, bot click management, Klaviyo, email campaign optimization, digital marketing strategies, email engagement, bot click exclusion, spam complaint management, data integrity in email marketing, marketing technology, DTC marketing, customer engagement, email analytics, segmentation strategies, marketing automation, email deliverability, reducing spam complaints, email list health, engagement metrics, Klaviyo tools


00:00 - Introduction

01:00 - Double Taps and Deliverability: Avoiding resending emails to non-openers

03:10 - Bot Click Exclusion: Leveraging Klaviyo's new feature

05:20 - Spam Complaints and Deliverability: Identifying and managing hidden spam complaints

07:30 - Segmentation and Engagement: Effective segmentation strategies for email lists

09:40 - Using Glock Apps: Monitoring email deliverability and inbox placements


#EmailMarketing #Deliverability #DTC #DigitalMarketing #Klaviyo #SpamManagement #EmailSegmentation #GlockApps #Ecommerce #MarketingTips

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