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Matt Bertulli, the founder of Pela Case, Lomi, and the Operators' Podcast shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights into building successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. He discusses the challenges of advertising on Facebook, the importance of addressing greenwashing accusations, and the need for rational debate around waste reduction. Matt also provides advice for starting a DTC brand and highlights the value of TV advertising for certain products. He concludes by discussing the impact of The Operators podcast and the opportunities it has created for networking and learning. The conversation explores the balance between business and politics, the challenges of running a real company compared to the Silicon Valley perspective, and the importance of staying true to building real companies. It emphasizes the need to stay up market with business owners and appeals to a broader audience. The conversation also highlights the value of engaging with real-world business owners and the possibility of a future ski-related mastermind.


Building a successful DTC brand requires a focus on marketing and storytelling, rather than relying solely on meta ads.

Addressing greenwashing accusations is crucial for brands that prioritize sustainability, and transparency and third-party validation can help combat skepticism.

TV advertising can be effective for reaching older audiences and building trust, especially for products that require education and have a higher price point.

The waste industry presents both challenges and opportunities, and there is a need for more rational debate and solutions to address the environmental impact of plastic.

The Operators podcast provides a valuable platform for networking, learning, and sharing insights among industry professionals. Balancing business and politics can be challenging, but it is important to stay focused on the core topics of running a real company.

The Silicon Valley perspective may not always be applicable to average business owners, who face different challenges.

Building a real company involves dealing with people face to face and managing cost of goods sold.

Staying true to the mission of helping real business owners and avoiding internet marketing scams is crucial.

Appealing to a broader audience and engaging with real-world business owners can lead to valuable insights and connections.


00:00:00 - Introduction: Meet Matt Bertulli, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Wisdom

00:02:00 - The Shift from Meta Ads to Holistic Marketing Approaches

00:04:10 - Challenges of Green Marketing and Overcoming Misconceptions

00:06:40 - Lomi's Strategic Shift from DTC to B2B and the Future of Waste Management

00:08:40 - The Role of TV Advertising in Reaching Older Demographics

00:11:20 - The Operators Podcast: Insights and Goals for Business Leaders

00:13:50 - The Importance of Authenticity in Business and Avoiding Greenwashing

00:16:00 - Conclusion: Key Takeaways from Matt Bertulli's Entrepreneurial Journey







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