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In this conversation, Anthony Mink, co-founder of Live Bearded, shares his journey of starting and growing a successful direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand. He discusses the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework, the importance of building a strong community and brand, and the effective direct marketing strategies that have contributed to the company's growth. Anthony emphasizes the value of authenticity, connection, and long-term focus in building a sustainable business. He also highlights the significance of investing in the right team and continuously learning from industry experts. Overall, Anthony's story showcases the power of consistent execution and staying true to your values in the D2C space. In this conversation, Anthony Mink discusses his online presence and upcoming podcast, as well as his appreciation for the DTC Podcast. He emphasizes the power of capitalism and the importance of transparency in business. Mink also highlights the need to bring soul back into business by creating value-driven cultures and communities. He concludes by discussing the role of rebels in entrepreneurship and expressing his desire for future collaboration.


Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework can help improve team alignment and accountability.

Building a strong community and brand requires authenticity, connection, and a focus on long-term relationships with customers.

Effective direct marketing strategies, such as sample funnels and giveaways, can drive customer acquisition and retention.

Investing in the right team and continuously learning from industry experts are crucial for long-term success in the D2C space. Building an online presence through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and personal websites can help entrepreneurs connect with their audience and share valuable insights.

The DTC Podcast has provided actionable steps that have helped entrepreneurs generate revenue and grow their businesses.

Capitalism, when aligned with values and operated transparently, can be a powerful system for elevating people to prosperity.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to redefine business by creating value-driven cultures and communities.

Rebels in entrepreneurship have the potential to disrupt legacy capitalism and bring soul back into business.


00:00 - Introduction to Anthony Mink and Live Bearded

02:00 - The Genesis of Live Bearded

05:00 - Importance of Product-Centric Giveaways

10:00 - Strategies for Customer Retention and Email Marketing

15:00 - Leveraging Organic Content for Brand Awareness

20:00 - Investing in Talent and Team Building for Growth

25:00 - The Power of Networking and Continuous Learning

30:00 - Planning for the Future: Live Bearded 2.0 and Beyond

35:00 - The Impact of "Made in America" on Consumer Choices

40:00 - Advice for Entrepreneurs on Building Sustainable Businesses

45:00 - Closing Thoughts and Future Plans


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