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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, today we're pulling up a stool with Vyper Industrial CEO, Dayne Rusch who noticed the modifications his father made to his workshop chair that improved its comfort and functionality, and recognized a massive opportunity to update a century old industry standard.

Now an 8 figure powerhouse with customers like Tesla, SpaceX, Delta, and Honda, Dayne reflects on the journey and dishes about the marketing strategies propelling them to 112% year over year revenue growth..

Vyper is what happens when you combine American innovation, crafstmanship and Family Heritage to create a truly problem solving design and an amazing brand.

Listen and you'll take away key insights like

The importance of investing early: how Pilothouse helped fuel Vyper's biggest ever q4 on Meta Ads

How Vyper's strategic TV approach is paying massive dividents at top of funnel

Why made in america is principle Vyper continues to bank on...

Pull up a chair and let's look under the hood...

On with the show!


0:00 - Introduction to Dayne Rusch and Vyper Chairs

1:00 - The Origin Story of Vyper Chairs

2:20 - Growth Trajectory and Major Clients

3:50 - Marketing Strategies That Fueled Success

5:00 - Navigating Economic Challenges and Opportunities

6:10 - The Role of TV and Digital Advertising in Scaling

7:30 - Product Range and Innovation

8:45 - Building a Strong Brand Identity

10:00 - Future Plans and Scaling Strategies

11:15 - Lessons Learned and Advice for Entrepreneurs

12:30 - Q&A: Understanding Vyper's Customer Demographics

13:45 - Closing Thoughts and Where to Find Dayne Rusch


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