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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today, we're in a bulking phase with Dan McCormick, founder of Create, a creatine gummy brand that Dan's built in public over the past year, driving it to $4 Million dollars in sales in his first year of operation...

We break down the market strategy, the form factor, and the growth marketing plan that's allowed him to scale so quickly...almost like he's on some kind of supplementation...

Stay tuned for Dan's warm takes on the CPC December Debacle, as well as what Twitter's biggest problem is (hint: It's not Disney, it's that their algo sucks.)

Along with tonnes of great insights, this podcast demystifies one of the most popular and widely taken supplements in the world...

Creatine, and much like this podcast It supplies energy to your muscles and may also promote brain health...

In fact, I'm taking it myself, can't you tell? On with the Show!

00:00 - Introduction to Dan McCormick and Creatine Gummies
02:40 - Building and Scaling a Supplement Brand
05:00 - The Impact of Creatine on Health and Fitness
10:20 - Strategies for High Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
15:30 - Utilizing Meta for Customer Acquisition
20:45 - Future Trends in Supplement Products

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