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Sean Reyes, founder of Shock Surplus, discusses his journey in the shock industry and the challenges of gatekeeping and manufactured virality. He shares insights on educating customers about shock absorbers and empowering them to make informed decisions. Sean also talks about the growth of his business and the impact of the economy on the aftermarket industry. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and value in standing out from the competition. Additionally, he highlights the significance of short-form video content and the role of different social media platforms in reaching and engaging with audiences. In this conversation, Sean Reyes, the founder of Shock Surplus, discusses his journey in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space and how he has transformed his business into a media company that sells parts. He talks about the importance of vertical integration and expanding into new markets. Sean also shares his plans to build a full-service shop and invest in a shock rebuild tool kit. He emphasizes the significance of customer lifetime value and the challenges of increasing it. The conversation concludes with Sean providing contact information and discussing the potential for innovation in the DTC space.


• Educating customers and providing value-added services can differentiate a brand in the aftermarket industry.

• Gatekeeping and lack of transparency are prevalent in the automotive industry, but there is an opportunity to democratize knowledge and empower customers.

• Short-form video content, such as TikTok and YouTube shorts, can be effective in reaching and engaging with audiences.

• Offering unique services, like same-day shock service, can provide added value and set a brand apart.

• Authenticity and category design are key factors in building a successful brand in a competitive market. Vertical integration is crucial for success in the DTC space.

• Transitioning from a parts company to a media company can lead to new opportunities.

• Investing in a full-service shop can enhance the customer experience and provide additional revenue streams.

• Customer lifetime value is an important metric to track and improve in order to drive business growth.

• Innovation in the DTC space offers endless opportunities for retrofitting legacy businesses with digital marketing tactics.

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