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In this conversation, Eric and Jordan discuss the key strategies and tactics for maximizing retention during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They cover topics such as increasing message volume, using text-only messages, double tapping, starting early, targeting VIP and repeat buyers, reinforcing the core offer, pre-hero and subject line testing, optimizing revenue procession, using and Black Crow, filling the funnel early, reaching back in a safe and compliant way, preparing for 2024, turning email into a revenue engine, and coordinating with other channels. They also offer exclusive swag for dedicated listeners.


• Increase message volume to capture attention during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

• Use text-only messages and double tapping to engage with customers.

• Start early and target VIP and repeat buyers for better results.

• Reinforce the core offer and optimize subject lines for revenue procession.

• Consider using tools like and Black Crow for improved retention.

• Fill the funnel early and reach back in a safe and compliant way.

• Prepare for 2024 by turning email into a revenue engine.

• Coordinate with other channels to maximize results.

• Exclusive swag is available for dedicated podcast listeners.

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