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On this week's All Killer No Filler, we dive deep into the art of creative testing.

We start with the basics, defining what it is and how the team at Pilothouses uses it for advertising across all channels. Plus, with Q4 around the corner, we discuss the optimal balance between iterative and contrast testing, why now is the prime time to ramp up your ad creativity, and give away some of our favorite tests to run (with real ad examples).

3:20 - Iterative Testing vs. Contrast Testing
7:18 - How to Approach Iterative Testing
9:02 - Why Engage in Creative Testing?
11:48 - Importance of Creative Testing for Q4
14:34 - Deep Angle Test Example
19:44 - Testing Urgency Messaging
26:12 - Simple Straightforward Messaging
31:16 - Testing with CGC & UGC
33:50 - Collections Style Ads

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