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It's All Killer No Filler and today we're completing part Two of Jordan Gordon, Retention Director at Pilothouse's three part series.

Part one a few weeks back set the stage for how you're going to measure the optimizations you make using Jordan's Pristine Data Framework for finding true measures of Time to Conversion and 30 Day LTV.

Our offer still stands: Book an audit at and Jordan will set up this framework for you regardless if you decide to work with us!

Today we dive deep on the Welcome Sequence and lay out exactly the types of emails you want to send and at what cadence.


00:00: Introduction to mastering email marketing techniques

02:40: The importance of the welcome series in engaging customers

05:15: Creating a structured welcome series with merchandising and educational emails

10:30: Designing HTML emails for effective merchandising and product marketing

14:50: Crafting educational emails that address pain points and product benefits


#EmailMarketing #PurchaseRateOptimization #TimeToBuyStrategy #WelcomeSeries #PostPurchaseSequences

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