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🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we’re cozying up with the inside scoop on Wilet’s epic rebranding saga. 

Our guest is none other than the co-founder herself, Vivian McCormick, who’s ready to spill the tea on how Wilet is turning bedrooms into snuggle-central with their luxurious linens and a game-changing linen-cotton blend. 💅

In an age where Netflix marathons are the norm, Vivian chats about why we should be hitting the ‘pause’ button for some good ol' rest and how Wilet’s new look makes that a piece of cake. 

We discuss how they’re cranking up the volume on Wilet’s brand story with influencers, community love, and some killer organic content. 

So grab your comfiest blanket, maybe some popcorn, and tune in for an episode jam-packed with nuggets of branding gold and a whole lotta heart. 💛

‍The takeaways 👇

🎨 (Re)painting the brand

Wilet (formerly Flax Home) took the leap into the abyss by crafting a brand name out of thin air… literally, the word Wilet didn’t exist! But… the plot thickens. The daring band of co-founders ventured to visually encapsulate this brand-new term, and, 🥁drumroll🥁, they nailed it! 

The visual identity was the missing puzzle piece that bridged the gap between their swanky new name and the brand's soul. It was like watching a rom-com, where the protagonist finally realizes they're perfect for each other. 💞

For anyone wanting to craft a brand name that’s as unique as it is fitting, take a page out of Wilet’s book. It’s scary, but as Vivian says, trusting the process is key.

🚀 Influencer launchpad

Vivian delved into the intriguing world of white labeling, where influencers play a starring role. This savvy strategy involves running your ads via influencers' accounts, effectively giving your brand a shot of adrenaline. But it’s not about randomly choosing an influencer with a mega-following; it's about finding the right influencer who vibes with your brand ethos. 💫

Sourcing an influencer is a meticulous process of aligning your brand with someone who echoes your values. You want to foster genuine connections, not just flash your logo.

💰 What Vivian would do with an extra $50K:

She would double down on amplification through genuine influencer collaborations in the 'Rest' niche. Her goal? To organically cultivate a community that resonates with Wilet’s ethos of restful living, leveraging the authentic voices of influencers to showcase the tangible, high-value impact of Wilet’s luxury linens.

👉 Listen to the full episode with Vivian McCormick here!


0:00 Introduction

9:15 Introducing the linen-cotton blend and expanding the product range

17:55 Utilizing influencers to amplify brand messaging

22:10 Building a community around the rest-focused brand

26:35 Exploring opportunities for whitelisting influencer posts

30:05 Getting creative with platform utilization for brand growth

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