Ep 302: The Road to 9 Figures with Cody Plofker from Jones Road Beauty (Plus Cody’s YouTube and Meta Ads Funnel Breakdown)

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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast I’m Eric Dyck. A few weeks back, we put out a challenge to our top past podcast guests to return to the scene of the crime to see if anyone can top Nik Sharma’s appearances in terms of listen numbers

If there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Cody Plofker, who’s burst onto the scene leading growth at an 8-figure on the way to 9-figure revenue giant Jones Road Beauty…

Today’s talk focuses on why Cody is massively bullish on YouTube ads, especially when it comes to finding net new customers, he’ll walk you through his ad strategy there, as well as go deep on his Meta Ads funnels, add in a dash of hot take on TikTok, and a masterclass on offer (including the power of gift with purchase), and you’ve got the recipe for an all-time classic DTC Podcast episode, call it the Plofker factor…

Call it the code of Cody, just don’t hesitate to block off your calls and listen to this podcast right now…

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