Ep 300: How Not to Grow an 8-Figure Business (Obvi Panel - C-Suite Preview)

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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck…for today’s episode we’re getting back into the Suite live with our fireside chat with Ash and Ron, co-founders of Obvi…

This podcast is a masterclass on how to build a business that stands out, even in the most commoditized product categories…

We cover their influencer strategy, the power of personalization, and both the risks and rewards of AI powered customer support, as well as the AI tool book keeping tool that allows them to access realtime P & L updates to make the most informed decisions.

If you love this content, and want to get all 16 C-Suite mastermind talks, they’re available, just head to directtoconsumer.co and hit events to grab your copy of the Replay…

For now, gather round the fireside, and on with the show!

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