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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck. Today we’re going to the heart of recurring revenue with a deep dive into the successful subscription program landscape with Nirav Sheth, from Anatta and Lindy Crea, from Recharge

Nirav is the visionary CEO and Founder of Anatta, a strategic partner renowned for transforming mid-market and enterprise DTC brands like Dollar Shave Club and Athletic Greens into industry leaders through its unique combination of dedicated digital product teams, strategic guidance, and deep tech stack expertise. Think Dollar Shave Club and Athletic G

Joining Nirav is Lindy Crea, the dynamic VP of Strategic Alliances at Recharge. Recharge is a powerhouse in the ecommerce space, offering an integrated suite of tools that has fueled the growth and customer retention of over 20,000 brands, processing an astounding $20 billion in revenue.

You’ll learn

Why Membership is the new subscription with great examples of how to enrich your concept of “subscribe and save” to something much more valuable

The secrets of the biggest subscription players out there…between Anatta and Recharge, Nirav and Lindy have worked with the heaviest of hitters and have lots of insights to share about what makes them so successful

How to maximise your subscription revenue this BFCM…

The Future of Subscriptions in 2024…

Also for anyone looking for category specific benchmarks from the most successful subscription brands, make sure to grab Anatta’s Subscription Benchmark report from the link in the shownotes.

Hope you enjoy it, on with the show….

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