Bonus: Sophisticated Customer Experiences and Loyalty Programs to Retain and Delight with Apptile Founder Rohit Modi (+ the chance to win a $20K Enterprise Plan!)

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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck. Today we’re talking retention and owned distribution with Rohit Modi CEO and founder of Apptile, the platform that allows you to make a mobile app for your brand in seconds:


3 brands get a chance to win an upgrade to the Enterprise plan worth USD 20K for free.

This podcast dives deep on the importance of retention and owned distribution in 2023

How to turn your app from a stock experience into a deeply engaged channel for ongoing LTV

How to make a killer loyalty program and why an app gives you much better results

And exactly how an Apptile App allows you to create dynamic customer experiences in the same way that billion dollar corporations like Uber and Amazon do, and why these elevated experiences are becoming table stakes in DTC…

Stick around for the end for Apptile’s very special offer to DTC Listeners, one of the most valuable ones offered to DTC Listeners EVER and if you’ve ever thought of building an app you won’t want to miss it…

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