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Welcome to the DTC Podcast. This week's BONUS episode is made possible by Postscript SMS.

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Today, we're diving into the remarkable journey of Miss A, a Dallas-based beauty and lifestyle brand known for its unbeatable prices and quality. Founded by Jean and her husband in 2013, Miss A has transformed from an ambitious e-commerce startup to a booming retail and online presence. Join us as Jean shares insights on leveraging SMS marketing and retail strategy to foster brand growth and customer loyalty.

Key Highlights:
Explosive Growth Through YouTube: Discover how Miss A harnessed the power of YouTube in its early days, sending products to influencers and witnessing rapid growth.
Retail Expansion: Learn about Miss A's strategic expansion to 30+ brick-and-mortar stores, their selection process, and the impact on brand visibility.
Mastering Product Selection: With 10,000 SKUs and a keen eye on trends, Miss A keeps their lineup fresh and relevant, catering to Gen Z and millennials.
SMS Marketing Excellence with Postscript: Dive into how Miss A uses Postscript SMS to enhance customer engagement, from personalized shopping experiences to strategic promotions.

00:00 - Introduction
02:30 - Key Strategies for Customer Retention and Product Launches
05:00 - The Role of Retail Expansion in Miss A's Growth
07:30 - Utilizing SMS for Effective Customer Engagement
10:00 - The Evolution of Influencer Marketing in Beauty
12:30 - Advice for Aspiring Beauty Brand Founders

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