Bonus: MagicLinks, Aleks Chojnacka: Influencer Marketing State of the Union (Plus the future of Live Shopping)

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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck, today we’re under the influence of Aleks Chojnacka from Magic Links, the global leader in social commerce for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok video influencers.

Aleks is an encyclopedia of knowledge and insights about influencer marketing and this one went deep on:

  • Why a great influencer program is more than just incredible conversion rates (the halo effect)
  • Why LIVE Shopping is tsunami of opportunity for brands and creators alike
  • Owned vs rented space, and the one factor that’s more important than follower count, or engagement rates when choosing influencers to work with…

Stick around until the end to hear a great answer to the $50k question that lays out what a starter Q4 influencer campaign would look like….

On with the show!

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