Bonus: How Klaviyo Became A $10B Email Unicorn + The Benefits of Being Full Stack with Jenna Crane

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Hello and Welcome to the DTC Podcast. This week’s Bonus Episode is a big one, featuring Klaviyo’s Director of Product Marketing, Jenna Crane.

Klaviyo is the eCommerce industry-leading Email Service provider, valued at close to $10B, and a true unicorn in the DTC Space.

This podcast answers the HARD questions about Email and SMS Marketing:

▪ What’s it like being a Unicorn?

▪ Why unifying your Email/SMS/and CDP Stack is a must for any scaling brand

▪ Plus concrete examples of dynamic customer journeys enabled by Klaviyo full stack

▪ How to Flip the Funnel with Zero Party Data

And the biggest scoop of them all….where did the Klaviyo name come from??

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