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Hello, and welcome to DTC Podcast. I’m Eric Dyck

Today we’re venturing into the wild with BattlBox’s John Roman.

John joined Battlbox, a monthly subscription for hand-picked outdoor gear, shortly after they’d struck product market fit gold, and has helped propel them to high 8-figure revenues with an absolutely scorching subscription LTV that approaches a $1000 per customer…

You’ll hear all about Battlbox’s golden goose content strategy and how a single YouTube creator (who started as a super fan) has become one of the most important Battlboxers on the team, generating 500K YouTube Subscribers and almost 200 million video views…

…that ultimately led to a lucrative Netflix deal that basically reads like a Battlbox commercial.

Learn what it’s like to hitch a ride on the Netflix rocket and how their most important metric, completion rate, will determine your Netflix fate…

Hope you enjoy it. On with the show!

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