AKNF - Google Ads and The Billion Dollar International Opportunity

This week on All Killer No Filler we have Saul, Head of Pilothouse's Google Ads team to discuss:

🚨 Why you MUST bid on your own branded terms. 

“More than likely, your competitor is bidding on your brand’s terms. It’s a dog eat dog world. 

If they’re bidding and you’re not, potential customers will have to scroll for your organic listing. Or worse: they’ll land, and purchase from a competitor. 

The majority of people, unless they're looking for a specific brand logo, will opt for the sponsored posts – so this is crucial.”

After hearing this, we put together a plan to bid on the DTC Newsletter since other newsletters were bidding on us. We won’t say who. 😬👀

The good news is, if you’re bidding on your organic terms along with competitors, you make it more expensive for them!

So get bidding!

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