This week on All Killer No Filler, we sat down with Sr. Media Buyers from Pilothouse and Helmkin to discuss how to add viral power to your TikTok Ads with trends, hashtags, and creative strategies.

The Takeaways. 👇

🚀 Making the most out of TikTok Trends:

Anyone who’s spent some time on TikTok knows that trends are flooding the For You Page (#fyp).

Using popular audios can be a great way to bring your brand in on the fun!

But how can brands jump on trending sounds without being too salesy?

👉 Don’t have your call to action be the first thing viewers see. Utilize the first 5-10 seconds to hook users.

Jumping on trends creates an opportunity to both add value to the trend and have your brand be top of mind when scrollers hear the sound.

Check out Ryanair’s TikTok with 1 Million followers for proof. 👀

😍 Brand Hashtags for UGC:

Utilize hashtags to boost your brand and push more videos to the “For You” page.

Organic brands have seen success using hashtags to find their audience!

Monica Grohne, founder of Marea Wellness was able to create a community by reaching out to people using specific hashtags and partnering/interacting with users in the space. 

Remember: Don’t use irrelevant hashtags that don’t fit your brand. 

💸 TikTok Ambassadors/Influencers:

The price of some TikTok influencers can be steep.

Consider reaching out to creators on different platforms to get in contact. 

The Pilothouse and Helmkin teams have seen success using both Instagram and Facebook groups to reach creators.

TikTok has launched TikTok Marketplace, an opportunity posting board where you can post your budget and desired content and have creators reply.

It’s a new feature and users have to sign up for it, but could be an additional outreach tool.

Test, test, test:

The TikTok algorithm is tricky.

Make sure to spend some time on the platform scrolling to see how creators and users interact and make content.

The beauty of volatility?

The chance one of your videos is going to blow up is quite high!

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